Advanced Linguistic Studies is a hangman/word_scramble game for Android. The words are taken from the word-a-day calendar, so having typed out the whole dictionary for the game, I myself was unable to remember any of the words, even immediately after entering. This was a game I first completed in about 2013, written for Windows in C++ with SFML (Simple + Fast Media Library). My goals were to port the project to Android and to post it on the Google Play Store. This project will serve as an example of how smoothly I wish they all could go. The game was completed in two weeks. There were no problems in development. I did not waste any free time and was able to consitently motivate myself to steadily complete the project. The game was up on Google Play less than 30 minutes after submission, instead of two weeks as stated in the documentation. This project was super smooth from beginning to end and I wish they could all be this way.